Why should I be a member;

The active participation and cooperation of all General Practitioners in our country is the main reason for the establishment of

HIPPOCRATES- Association of General Practice/ Family Medicine of Greece (A.G.P.F.M.G) Our attitude, our vision and our willingness to influence the developments in our specialty affect our decision to become a member.

Registration to Hippocrates confirms our choice to actively participate in a great scientific family and a beautiful group of colleagues who:

Do not hesitate to identify, name and evaluate weaknesses, omissions and distortions, and with their active presence, ideas and visions seek to improve conditions and procedures.

HIPPOCRATES, gives the opportunity to all its members to participate in groups and subgroups according to their interests and skills.

For each member who expresses such an interest, a personal plan of participation and support is formulated according to his/her personal wishes and needs.

The aim is to constantly improve skills and change attitudes and behaviours in everyday clinical practice, with the ultimate goal of scientific and professional development of each member under the constant support of the other members.

Through the individual participation in a collective effort, the members of HIPPOCRATES create a strong base and proper conditions for the qualitative upgrading and promotion of our specialty, as well as the decent assumption of the responsibilities and the function that rightfully holds in the health system, both Greek and global scientific community.